Network Patch Panel Diagram HelpAge International is a global network of organizations promoting the rights of all older people to lead dignified, healthy and secure lives. 

Cat5E Wiring Diagrams Our vision is a world in which all older people can lead dignified, healthy and secure lives.

Evo X Wiring Diagram In November 1983, five organizations - Help the Aged (now Tube Lighting Diagram), Peugeot 206 Audio WiringWiring Diagram Y PlanEclipse Wiring Diagram and Small Wind Turbine Wiring - came together to form the HelpAge International network. The idea of a global network quickly took hold. In 1988, Mark Gorman, now HelpAge International's Strategic Development Adviser, took on the task of developing the network.

Jaw Wiring Surgery "I was very interested in helping to expand the group of organizations, which then numbered about 20," he says. "We produced publications, provided fundraising and skills training. People valued the idea of being part of a global movement."

Priorities as an Inclusive Data Charter Champion:

  • Put in place systematic collection, analysis, reporting and utilization of disability disaggregated data across the organisation
  • Work with the Titchfield City Group to develop guidelines for the production of age-related and age-disaggregated statistics, and advocate for adoption of these guidelines by data producers.

HelpAge's IDC Action Plan.

HelpAge's IDC 2019 Monitoring Report.

12V 4P 4 Wire Car Auto Relay Kit For Electric Fan Fuel Pump Light Horn Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

Our commitment is to:

  • Highlight gaps and issues in data on ageing and older people through the use of data tools such as the Global AgeWatch Index.
  • Facilitate older people's voices to be heard on the SDGs through the use of citizen-generated data; and to collaborate with partners to promote the development of statistical systems that, spanning the life course, are fully disaggregated and inclusive of older people in all their diversity.

Initiatives in HelpAge International

Birds-eye view of an assembly

Leave No One Behind Data Collaborative

Looking for Partners | GPSDD Initiated
Strengthening disaggregated data to help ensure that groups traditionally marginalized from development progress, are included.
Breaking down barriers to eye health in South Asia. Narsingdi district, Bangladesh © Sightsavers/ Reza Shahriar Rahman.

Inclusive Data Charter

Looking for Partners | GPSDD Initiated
The Inclusive Data Charter was developed to mobilize political commitments and meaningful actions to advance inclusive and disaggregated data.
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Citizen-Generated Data Task Team

Looking for Partners | GPSDD Initiated
Working to produce recommendations on what types of CGD initiatives are best suited to different purposes; producing guidance on how to navigate and engage with different types of CGD initiatives; and providing a forum to share experiences, challenges, and learning related to CGD.

This Partner Works to Achieve These SDGs