In 2016, the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data (GPSDD) was approached by Facebook with an idea to collaborate on a research project consisting of a survey of SMEs who use the Facebook platform for business purposes. In the spirit of fostering public-private partnerships, the GPSDD secretariat connected the Facebook team with two GPSDD partners, the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD) and the World Bank. These three entities, in partnership, launched the Future of Business Survey as a new source of information on SMEs. The survey, originally launched monthly and now collected bi-annually, provides “a timely pulse on the economic environment in which businesses operate and who those businesses are to help inform decision-making at all levels and to deliver insights that can help businesses grow.”

Read this case study to find out more about the background, outcomes, and next steps for the Future of Business Survey. 


Contributing Partners

Facebook Logo
Private sector
Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.
Multilateral Organization
The OECD is an intergovernmental organization of 35 member countries committed to market economies backed by democratic institutions and focused on the well-being of all citizens. Its mission is to promote policies to improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world.
The World Bank - IBRD - IDA - World Bank Group
Multilateral Organization
The World Bank is a vital source of financial and technical assistance to countries around the world. We are not a bank in the ordinary sense but a unique partnership to reduce poverty and support development.

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