Over the past 8 years, the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) has significantly increased the availability of timely data on development assistance, now featuring data from more than 300 publishers. As a longtime IATI community member, in 2015 DG initiated a program on the Use of IATI in Country Systems to better understand"

  • Existing levels of government IATI awareness and use;

  • Government priorities for aid information and how well existing IATI data meets these needs;

  • Government perceptions of IATI value-add and usability;

  • Operational, technical, and political barriers to using IATI in country aid information management systems (AIMS); and,

  • Ways in which the IATI standard and publisher community can better assist governments in leveraging IATI data.

This paper presents a brief summary of Development Gateway (DG) activities and learning through its ongoing year-long program “Use of IATI in Country Systems.” This version of the paper incorporates feedback gathered through responses to this paper and from a number of IATI Members Assembly members.


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