CARE International is one of the world’s leading humanitarian and development organisations. Founded in 1945, we have been fighting global poverty and defending the dignity of people around the world for 70 years.

CARE currently works in 79 poor and developing countries, helping millions of the world’s poorest people find routes out of poverty.

We are there to provide life-saving assistance when disaster strikes, and to help people rebuild their lives afterwards.

And we are there to work alongside poor people and communities on long-term programmes to deliver lasting change.

Our programmes and our policy work tackle the underlying causes of poverty so that people can become self-sufficient. We place special focus on empowering women and girls because (when equipped with the proper resources) women have the power to lift whole families and communities out of poverty.

Priorities as a partner of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

CARE's commitment is to ensure data used to monitor the SDGs includes communities’ voices. CARE is developing a pilot initiative with partners which uses Information Communication Technology (ICT) to link existing citizen engagement projects to build aggregated data linked to specific SDG indicators.

It is the first time a model for citizen-generated data, combining ICT and social accountability tools will have been designed and tested on the ground. The end goal is to build robust monitoring systems that can act as an alternative to government data on SDG progress. Such open-source, citizen-generated data will be a valuable accountability and advocacy tool for citizens globally.


This Partner Works to Achieve These SDGs